down with the sickness

April 7, 2007 at 7:59 pm | Posted in sick | Leave a comment

Ughhh, I am ill.  This all started with a little belly rumbling on Sunday night, which at the time I attributed to the standard “something I ate.”  I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was making me sick, because the only things I’d consumed during the day were the standard Easter dinner type fare- ham, sweet potatoes, random vegetables, pineapple stuffing, a piece of pie.  Nothing seemed like the capability to upset my stomach in the way that it did. As it became worse throughout the night and it became difficult for me to hold things down for long periods of time, I decided that it was probably more than just an upset stomach.  I called in sick to work and tried to take it easy all day, which consisted mostly of laying on the couch watching the Phillies game while in a weird semi-sleep phase where I could hear certain things coming from the television but I couldn’t understand them.  I went to bed early, and woke up to more of the same, but now combined with an incredible weakness throughout my entire body.  I don’t know if this is another symptom of whatever ails me, or if I’m weak simply because I have had little to no physical activity for the past 36 hours or so.  I just went to take a shower and found that I had difficulty finding the energy to both stand in the shower and wash my hair.  I’m now home sick from work for the SECOND day in a row, something I have never, ever done before. In fact, I don’t remember being genuinely sick like this since I had the chicken pox in the second grade.

 Because I am such a chicken shit, I am going to give myself another day to recouperate. I have some school work I can catch up on, and I am going to make my best effort to eat something so that I can get my energy back up.  We’re going to the beach this weekend for the Dewey Beach Music Festival, and I intend to enjoy myself. If I still don’t feel better and get my energy back by tomorrow, I’ll call a doctor.  For now, its back to bed for at least another hour.


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