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There is a wall in my house that I am in love with. As part of the massive renovation/redecoration project that we are currently knee deep in, I devoted an entire wall in our living room to these 8 x10 black frames that have famous figures mounted on a simple solid white background. To say I “made” them would be a bit of a stretch, although I did construct them. Since I am all about finding non-typical uses for typical things, I always keep my eyes pen when I’m out shopping. Around Christmas time, my friend Darian and I were out to lunch, and on our way home we stopped by one of my favorite stores in Newark to browse. I found these awesome notecards made called Quotable Notables. I picked up a few – I think at the time it was Darwin, Mozart, Annie Oakley, Einstein, and Che Guevara – and came up with an idea for a picture set. In my mind, the picture set is sort of the answer to that old question “If you could invite anyone in the world, either living or dead, from any period of history to dinner – who would it be?” After framing them I put a set of three and a set of two up on opposite walls of the living room and made a mental note to get more cards.

Last month while down in Dewey Beach I stumbled upon more at Books and Coffee. This time I picked up Simone de Beauvoir, Gandhi, Dali, and Sartre. I spent awhile looking for frames this time, because I wanted to get some on sale and was being very stubborn about it. Finally I stumbled upon some perfect frames at…. THE DOLLAR TREE! No kidding. The frames had a 5×7 matting, which I pulled out to fit my own 8×10 matting, and voila! ONE DOLLAR. Fabulous!

All in all the project cost under $70 and was a lot of fun. Here is a close up of some of the prints:



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  1. AWESOME! I love this idea!

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