we could be sleeping in the flowers, we could sleep all afternoon

May 22, 2007 at 12:24 am | Posted in garden, house | Leave a comment

I planted today! This is my first Spring in the house and we were (and still are) in desperate need of some landscaping. The back yard will be a lost cause for about another year as we attempt to get rid of dead trees and overgrown shrubbery to make room for beds and – fingers crossed! – a vegetable garden. However, the front of the house was ready to go now that we’ve finished power washing all the ugly baby blue paint off of the brick and managed to paint the shutters and install some solar powered walkway lights.

I got all the flowers from Lowes since I needed to make a trip there for a new garden hose nozzle and weed killer, and I think I made some pretty decent choices. Of course, I know next to nothing about plants and I could have planted a bunch of things in close proximity to each other that don’t belong. The soil could be too acidic, one or more of the plants may grow to a monstrous level and devour all the sunlight. I tried to go with plants that were low maintenance, had a long bloom season, and looked good. That’s the science behind my planting people. It doesn’t get much more in depth than that.

I ended up planting a large azalea bush which should get pretty large, 2 hydrangeas – although I thought one was a rhododendron, and 2 gorgeous Asiatic lilies. Here’s hoping that they last me at least one season before I manage to kill them through my general ignorance of all things horticultural.

In other plant news, my kitchen container garden – featuring begonia, aloe, and some random unknown semi-tropical is doing well, despite my misjudgment in thinking they would fit nicely on my kitchen windowsill!


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