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I love my family. I really do. Just when I think that I’m probably going to have a nervous breakdown with all of my wedding worries and work and the house and school, something little happens that makes it all seem lighter.

My cousin Carrie’s mother-in-law owns a local bridal store, and Carrie herself worked there for years before moving out west and opening her own on-line boutique. I’ve thought about asking her for advice on a dress, but I didn’t want to be a pain because she’s super pregnant and already helping her younger sister with dress shopping. Today, i caved and wrote her an email and she graciously volunteered to help me in any way she can.

She suggested a bunch of different style that would flatter my body shape and materials and shading that would flatter my skin tone and eye color. She’s even sending me pictures of possible dress choices that match the style I want in the fit that would best suit me. With any luck, I can try on the dresses I like at her mother-in-law’s shop and decide on something relatively soon.

In other news, we’ll be in Atlantic City this weekend, the East Coast version of Vegas, except not as fun. Or as big. And there’s a lot less to do. J & M are joining us, along with one of my best friends from NJ and her boyfriend, so it’ll be sort of like Spring Break, the Sequel: A two day summer vacation. This is all I get until my birthday trip at the end of August, so I plan on enjoying the shit out of it.


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