Put your hair up nice and set up pretty and meet me tonight in Atlantic City

June 10, 2007 at 5:06 pm | Posted in best laid plans... | Leave a comment

So, I spent Friday-Saturday in Atlantic City. The trip was based around J & J playing a show at a bar down there, but it was also a nice excuse for Missy and I to join them and have a brief getaway. We stayed at a hotel just outside the city that backed up to a bay and had paddleboats and kayaks and surfboards available, and in hindsight that would have been a fun thing to do but no one brought their bathsuits and we were a little crunched for time after arriving anyway. We did technically go down to the beach area, when I took a few pictures and then my camera battery died because I neglected to recharge it before we left. Oops.

Even though I have returned broke, tired, dehydrated, and pretty sure I don’t want to go back anytime soon, there are eight things that I learned while in Atlantic City that I think will be important life lessons for me.

1. I can no longer stay up drinking until five in the morning when hotel checkout is at eleven.
2. Therefore, buying an “all you can drink” wristband is a terrible idea.
3. Gambling of any kind is an equally terrible idea, because I NEVER WIN. NOT EVER. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH QUARTERS IN THE WORLD!
4. Therefore, Vegas is most certainly out as a honeymoon destination.
5. Atlantic City, except for a very small area, is a really scary place.
6. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get concrete directions as to where you’re going before you try and get there and are forced to make three point turns in the middle of a one way street so that you don’t get carjacked.
7. I really can’t function off of very little sleep.
8. Therefore, fighting off a hangover on Jon and Missy’s couch for a couple of hours before driving into University City for ANOTHER show that will keep me out until 3 a.m. is a horrible idea.

Despite all of the above, I did have a pretty decent time. I am now exhausted beyond belief, but trying to snap out of it and get to running all the errands that should have been done these past few days. Good times.


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