Sweet Little Lie

June 22, 2007 at 12:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

So, markalan tagged me to do this post, which actually works out nicely because I am generally uninspired to come up with an interesting post on my own today. I’m supposed to make nine statements about myself, one of which is completely untrue. Why nine statements and not a nice even number like ten I’ll never know. But nine it is.

1. My fiance has an extremely large collection of Sesame Street memorabilia that he’s been collecting since the 1970s. He’s gotten it on-line, at garage sales, and anywhere else he can get his hands on it. He doesn’t *do* anything with it except for put it in giant plastic storage containers and in random places around the spare bedroom of our house, but from what I understand some of it has gotten pretty valuable. I found it a little creepy when I first met him, but when I realized it was a collection and not an obsession it settled better with me. He hopes to sell it one day as a set. I’m not sure who else would really need it, but I hope that works out for him.

2. As part of my undergraduate research on the effects of communism and socialism on the rights of women, I traveled to Cuba on an academic visa. While I saw there I spent three weeks in Old Havana interviewing prostitutes, domestic workers, attorneys, Parliament members, students, actresses, and women enjoying Cuba’s full year maternity leave. My focus was on whether or not national feminism as promised by Castro’s regime was fulfilled. My conclusion? yes, feminism exists, but not in the revolutionary or progressive form that it was promised in. it takes more than written law to change hundreds of years of gaucho thinking.

3. I have an awesome cat named Gracie and a kind of boring but lovable beat fish named Paddy. Gracie was adopted from the SPCA the day before my Grandpa passed away last September. I went in to “browse” and ended up taking her home that day, after initially planning to come back with Jeremy. When I picked her up for the first time she licked my face, purred so loudly she drooled, and threw her head back to rest on my shoulder. I knew she was the one.

4. When I was in high school I was on the state champion Mock Trial team for three years. We practiced almost every day after school and went to Nationals in New Mexico, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh. I won several awards for my acting skills as a prosecutor. Even high school me liked to argue.

5. When I was seven I won a national writing contest and had my work published, which led to letters of congratulations from several government officials including the President and an award from the founder of McDonalds. I still have all the newspaper clippings with me smiling my missing tooth grin and holding my book.

6. I am a former college radio DJ, Thursdays from 5-7 on WVUD, 91.3 FM. When I look back on my college experience, this is one of the best memories I’ll have. It was such a blast, especially for a little music snob like me, and exposed me to more people and music than I can explain.

7. If I had my career to do all over again I would have gotten a degree in teaching so I could be a high school History teacher. It’s never too late, but by the time I’m done my Masters I don’t know how I’ll ever afford another degree.

8. I’ll allergic to penicillin. My brother got the bee allergy. I think mine is superior.

9. I played the piano when I was little until my piano teacher, who was a really nice guy and always smelled fantastic, was MURDERED which kind of turned me off to it. I’d love to start playing again, which would surely require a piano. I have this awesome fantasy that when I learn to rock out Jeremy and I will become this awesome keyboard/piano and guitar band like the Mates of State or Fiery Furnaces. Then we’ll buy an RV and travel around the country playing shows. This is never going to happen, let’s be real. But, still!



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  1. If I was to pick a story as the untrue one I would almost instantly lean towards the Sesame Street collection as it is a very unmanly collection, let alone admit to anyone, that he is into that. But since that is so totally off the wall I am inclined to believe it to be true. So I am going to pick the High School Mock Trial entry as the untrue story.

  2. Nope! That one is entirely true. I was Nerdy McNerdson in school. I was actually the CAPTAIN of the team my Senior year.

    And…. since you’re playing along, I’ll throw in one extra, the Sesame Street thing is entirely, regretably, true.

  3. I am going with the teacher thing? This is a toughy!

  4. Lemons, that’s actually true as well. I would love to be a teacher.

  5. so when do we find out the lie?

  6. the cuba thing is the lie!

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