I’m In Your Tree, Making Faces at Yr Neighbors

July 1, 2007 at 7:49 am | Posted in best laid plans..., garden, gracie, summer | 1 Comment

All I really wanted to do today was have a nice barbecue with Jon and Missy. They’re our best friends and although we see each other a lot for band related activites,  it seems like we never get to spend any time together just relaxing. I should have known better than to wish for a quiet evening, because shortly before J & M arrived, Gracie got out of the house.

Okay, in all actuality her daring escape was more of a leisurely meander. I left the back door open a little bit. It was a complete accident. I was simultaneously calling my Dad to ask him to bring an extra cooler, trying to locate the bottle of Windex I had in my hands just seconds earlier, and helping Jeremy find the Phillies game on the craptastic 1989 style radio we have perched in the window to listen to while we’re outside. In the midst of all of that I apparently left the screen door that leads out to our backyard deck open just enough for her to squeeze past. I was multi-tasking, people! Shit ain’t easy.

In our house, Gracie is the kind of cat that will not leave people alone.  When she naps she likes to nap at the top of the sofa facing the window but in such a position that if anyone were to sit on the couch she could nuzzle up against the top of their heads. When she is awake, she will try to finagle a spot with on someone’s lap or as close to them as possible, and them purr, meow, and head butt your hands until you cave and pet her.  When Gracie gets outside, however, she wants nothing to do with people. She’ll be content sitting under a tree or chasing butterflies,  but if you dare approach her she takes off.

After a few minutes milling around in the backyard and avoiding capture, Gracie seemingly decided she was bored with ground level and needed to bring things up a notch. At the time, my Mom and Dad had stopped over and we were all having a beer on our deck. I made a comment as to how I hadn’t seen the cat in a few minutes, and my Mom looked over at the huge tree on the side of our yard (which I will have to post a picture of to see if anyone can identify – it’s about 50 feet tall, shady from spring to fall, some spindly branches, and produces strange banana type stalks in the winter months ) and said ” Oh, there she is. Third branch high.” That’s right. My perfect little cat who never gives me any grief had climbed a tree.

We spent a good half hour standing under the tree trying to sweet talk the cat down. We got food, water, treats – nothing was working. She ended up over 40 feet in the tree, and it soon became apparent that although she has managed to climb up, she had no clue how to get down. An hour passed. All attempts proved futile. Gracie was getting tired, thirsty, and agitated, which is probably why she kept making faces like the I Can Has Cheezburger? cat.

Several failed attempts in dismounting only managed to get Gracie’s leg tangled around a branch and me even more worried. I knew if she climbed any higher she would be out of our reach. Finally, Jeremy dug our ladder out of the shed. He climbed up to the branch that the cat was precariously perched upon, grabbed her by the scruff of the neck, and carried her inside.

She was petrified for about an hour, but recovered after eating a little food and lapping up some water. I don’t know if cats are at all able to process cause and effect, but I’d like to hope that she’s learned her lesson when it comes to trees.


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  1. I’m so glad you took pictures. I am dying.

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