five years too many

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I first participated in a marching protest against the U.S. led war in Iraq in April of 2003. Meeting in the parking lot of a church on Main Street, I was one of a hundred or so people that held signs proclaiming our disgust towards a war that was, and still is unjustified.

At the time, we received a lot of support, but an almost equal amount of people yelling their disagreement from car windows as they rode past. My favorite was “GET A JOB!” It was 10 in the morning on a Saturday, and the person driving by in their car clearly wasn’t at work either, but that’s besides the point. It seemed like public opinion was in favor of the actions in Iraq, which wasn’t surprising. The public was misinformed at best about our reasoning for being there and the about of lives, money, and respect this war would cost us.

After the march, a friend and I went to get coffee and were confronted by a woman who had quite a few things to say about the protest. She was the daughter, wife, and mother of men serving in the Armed Forces. Our march, she felt, spit in her face and the face of all other service men, women, and their families. She may not always agree with the president, she said, but she felt she had to support him as our leader. How could I have such blatant disrespect for the troops, she wanted to know?
What I told her is the same thing I’ve told everyone else who supports the war because they are involved in some way with military service. I do support the troops. In fact, I overwhelmingly support them. Like her, I have friends and relatives that have served and continue to serve with pride. It is because I support the troops that I do not support this war. Supporting our military means not wanting to see them lose their life in a conflict that should never have been started. Supporting the troops means not supporting a leader that will lead them blindly into a war that he cannot even conceive an end of.
Almost 5 years of conflict is 5 years too many. 3,600 American lives lost is 3,600 too many. I hope that our leaders will now do the thing that is truly right. I hope they will support our troops. I hope that they will bring them back home.


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  1. i cannot begin to imagine the ovewhelming replies agreeing with you. i have been saying the same since the beginning. if you claim to support the Soldiers how can you support a leader who would send them into battle for obviously personal reasons having little to do with our nations security. I support all the Soldiers. i think they are underpaid and under-appreciated. forget the celebrities… Pay the Soldiers…. I am not military but have friends/family that are.. please end this senseless situation and bring our loved ones home where they can really protect us…

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