It’s the dirtiest clean I know

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I have had a really long and draining day, so while I am drinking a Miller Lite and waiting for my frozen pizza to cook (Hey, I prefaced this all with “long and draining day,” I am allowed to skimp on dinner and make frozen pizza. Besides, it’s meatball and pesto rising crust pizza! That’s like the Queen Mother of all frozen pizzas!) I thought I would spend the next few minutes blogging about things that make me happy. My last post was such a downer that I think this blog needs some little snippets of cheeriness, don’t you?

1. The band Guillemots has the best band website I’ve seen in a very long time. While you’re exploring, be sure to check out the video for “Trains to Brazil,” my favorite song by them. If I could hire their webmaster to do our wedding website then maybe I wouldn’t be so opposed to the idea in the first place.

2. While I have not abandoned my true love Breyers Special Edition Fried Ice Cream, I am sort of cheating on it with their Peach flavor. You know how it is. It’s summer time. I started to get a little bored with the cinnamon and caramel and honey even though it is DELICIOUS and next thing you know I am browsing through my grocer’s freezer. I’m really just not a one ice cream kind of gal.

3. The Aura is one of the best movies that I’ve seen all year, even thought it was released in 2005. It’s Argentine, so as long as Spanish dialogue with subtitles doesn’t bother you (it only gets to me when I’m really sleepy and know that I’ll miss something important if I blink for too long) I would recommend you check it out. In fact, even if subtitles do bother you I would recommend you check it out. This film is brilliant, so suck it up.

4. Ever since I started growing my hair longer, I have really struggled with keeping it from becoming a frizzy mess. If I wore it curly, it would frizz. Thanks, Dad, and your multiple ethnicities!  Why couldn’t I have genes from some nice, Scandanavian lineage? If I attempted to wear it straight, it would frizz AND I would be left with annoying kinks all over hair where the flat iron refused to work. That was before I was introduced to two things my melon cannot live without: my Chi Flat Iron and Silky Sexy Hair’s Frizz Eliminator . HOW DID I GO 25 YEARS WITHOUT KNOWING ABOUT THESE TWO THINGS?

5. My reception site is growing on me more and more every day. Not that I didn’t love it before, but I think every bride-to-be second guesses herself a little. Imagining that picture with a dance floor , lots of flowers, and my colors makes me giddy.

6. Even though this picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice, I love my bedroom more than almost any room in my house. And, no. Not just because of that reason. It always has a nice breeze and it’s right in the corner of the house. The Crape Myrtles are right outside the back window, and the curtains let all the sunlight in. Plus, a freakishly large amount of pillows and a DVD player don’t hurt either.

7. After watching VH1’s World Series of Pop Culture, I became sort of obsessed with their trivia games. In my defense, it’s as educational as it is enjoyable. I am now proud to say that I know Claire Huxtable’s maiden name AND the name of the college that Martha Stewart graduated from. I am now 1/100th closer to genius.

8. I’ve been listening to Feist for about a year, but hearing my favorite song, “My Moon My Man” on some cellphone commercial made me put the album back in again.

9. No post about happy things can end without me at least briefly mentioning my fiance, the best man I know and someone I cannot wait to start a family with.


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