I’m making a mixtape for you…

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Hi, I made you a mixtape. That probably doesn’t mean anything nowadays, but I remember that back in my highschool and early college years, before Napster killed music as we know it mixtapes were a big thing. Making a mix was a big deal, because you had a limited amount of time on the cassette to convey whatever feeling you were trying to convey. Did you want to start off hard and end softly? Did you want to start off slow, and end with a bang? You couldn’t put songs back to back that sounded too much alike, but you couldn’t mix sounds that were too different. It was an art, and I embraced it for years. The art of the mixtape, and the sweet memories it brings back.

Mixes were an especially big thing in the early days of dating someone. I still remember being 18, and meeting my now ex-boyfriend. After our first date, I raced home and made him a mixtape full of semi-angsty and ridiculous late 1990s indie pop. I figured if we were going to fall in love, we may as well fall in love with a good soundtrack. Even now, when I hear those songs I instantly remember that time in my life. I think of summer, Philadelphia, youth, love. He ended up dumping me in a bar four and a half years later because he wanted to date his co-worker, someone the complete opposite of me, but I tend not to think of all that when I listen to that first tape. Instead, it captured a time in my life that was magical and confusing and perfect all at once.

So I’ve made you all a mixtape, of sorts. 20 tracks long, because any CDR can handle that. It’s not 1999 anymore, and very few people I know have the capability to play a mixtape, yet alone make one. iTunes and Napster and CDR writers pretty much replaced my beloved cassette tape, but I can still make one with the sources we have available. Here’s what you should do: go download the songs on my mix. iTunes, Lime Wire, YouTube, whatever you use, just get them on your computer. Then burn yourself a CD full of them, listen, and share them if you’d like to. I don’t have the technology to actually imbed the tracks on my blog, although I wish I did. I’m just not that smart.

1. My Moon, My Man – Feist
2. Whole Wide World- Wreckless Eric
3. Generals and Majors – XTC
4. Shock Rock-Splitter to God- The Wrens
5. Fireworks- The Whitest Boy Alive
6. Thinking of a Dream I Had- The Walkmen
7. The Well and the Lighthouse- The Arcade Fire
8. Apologies to Insect Life- British Sea Power
9. Heavy Metal- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
10. Crystal Clear- The Fiery Furnaces
11. Who Left the Lights Off, Baby? – Guillemots
12. Hustle Rose- Metric
13. Cold Cold Water- Mirah
14. In Love With a View- Mojave 3
15. The Progress Chart- The Natural History
16. Mystery Hours- The New Pornographers
17. Anytime- My Morning Jacket
18. Only Living Boy in New York- Simon and Garfunkel
19. Off the Beaten Track- Tap Tap
20. Insistor- Tapes n’ Tapes

Let me know what you think about the songs. Obviously, I tried to choose a wide range of music, but it doesn’t even come close to representing everything I’m listening to. It’s hard to narrow 15 years of musical collections into 20 tracks, so maybe I’ll make this into a weekly, evolving, mix.


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