About that time I quit my job and my uvula quadrupled in size

August 2, 2007 at 4:36 pm | Posted in best laid plans..., i win at life, movies, work | 1 Comment

I resigned from my job yesterday. I am still a little shell shocked that I had the courage to do it, but I am incredibly happy that I did. I started my job hunt about a month and a half ago ( I won’t go into why, but suffice to say I just wasn’t happy in my position anymore…) and yesterday morning I was offered a position with another company that seems perfect for me. The hours, pay, benefits, and opportunity for advancement are all better at New Job as compared to Old Job. Plus, the atmosphere at New Job just feels lighter – unlike the drama thickened air that felt so uncomfortable I started having panic attacks in the morning while getting ready for work. That’s really no way to live, now is it?

Anyway, I happened to get the job offer on a day that I had taken a personal day off of work. Pretty bad timing, I know, but after calling various loved ones to scream into the phone about how happy I was, I called work to ask my boss if he was available in the afternoon to meet with me. My plan was to tell him that I was resigning and that I would finish up the rest of this week and well as the following week. It’s about 3 days shy of two weeks notice, although after the ways things have been for the last couple of months I don’t feel like I owe this company anything. So, I call for my boss only to find he’s in a meeting, but his boss was apparently in town and picked up the phone instead. She asked me what was going on, I told her I would rather talk about it in person, but she insisted I let her know what the meeting was going to be about. So I told her. Instead of showing even the tiniest bit of sadness that I was leaving, she asked when my last day would be. When I told her, she threw a fit that I wasn’t giving two weeks notice. Seriously? I was two days shy of two weeks, is it THAT big of an issue? I didn’t expect anyone to grovel and beg for me to stay, but it kind of hurts that after giving three and a half years to a company that you’ve done great things for and sacrificed a lot of nights and weekends for there would be more of an issue than being two days short of a full two weeks.

So, after I hung up the phone with her I got to writing my formal resignation letter. I was still reeling from the phone call, but I was even more positive that I made the right decision. It was a kind of validation to know that I wasn’t just being delusional or over-sensitive. They really dosuck! So, I type up my resignation letter to be effective immediately. It was slightly vindictive and undoubtedly unprofessional, but it felt really good ! I drove to work, delivered my letter and turned in my key and I was done.

Naturally, we celebrated. Jeremy took a personal day from work and we caught a matinee of 1408 which, I kid you not, I have been asking to go to for over a month. We had seafood for dinner, and after I had sufficiently stuffed myself with snow crab legs we headed home to watch the Phillies game and cuddle on the couch. Every once in awhile during the course of the day I would suddenly remember that I never have to go back to Old Job again and it would literally cause me to squeeze Jeremy’s hand and give a little squeal of delight. I am such a nerd.

Now I am embarking on a ten day vacation, which is longer than I’ve had off from work in… well, ever, actually. I’m going to hit up the library, strip the nasty floral border from the bathroom walls and repaint it, do some gardening, visit my grandmother, wash my car, maybe see some movies, and possibly even go to the ocean for a day or two. IT IS GOING TO BE GLORIOUS. Oh, and totally not related to work or vacation or anything like that: I woke up with a swollen uvula this morning. You know, that little dangly thing in your mouth with no anatomical purpose whatsoever? How crazy is that? I tried swallowing a few times and my throat felt horribly tight and uncomfortable, like the roof of my mouth was swollen. I thought maybe I was stuffed up so I went into the bathroom to blow my schnoz, opened my mouth and saw that my uvula was HUGE. I started to freak out a little bit because I just quit my job and the last thing I need is some weird uvular disease, but I calmed down when a Google search informed me that it’s pretty common and is probably due to dehydration and/or sleeping with my mouth open. Whew!

Okay, off to the shower so that I can get my ass to the library and hopefully start reading those Harry Potter books I intended to start reading six years ago.


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  1. Congrats on leaving the old job and begining the new job.

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