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August 5, 2007 at 7:17 pm | Posted in i win at life, south carolina, travel, wedding | 2 Comments

I haven’t written much about the wedding lately, only because there hasn’t really been all that much to update on. We have a meeting this upcoming Wednesday with the event coordinator for the reception site, during which we’ll take a look at the new menu that changed just a few weeks ago. Depending on the new fare (and new prices) we’ll finally make the final decision as to whether or not we want a fancy sit down affair or what the site calls “action stations.” The action stations would be kind of cool – essentially they have chefs cooking the food in front of you based on the ingredients you request. The main problem I see the stations having at our reception is that they’re just too slow. 150+ people all standing in line waiting for their meals to cook could be time consuming. Another issue is that the station options tend to be a little non-traditional. There is a traditional meat carving station, but you’re limited to the choice of a single meat, which kind of sucks. The other stations are even more complicated. One station could be an Asian fusion station with meat, veggies, and a wok where everything gets all cooked up and served over rice. Another station may be pastas and different sauces, and a third station would have risottos. Every time I think about going with the stations I just envision my 90 year old great aunt Maggie who can barely hear a word of normal conversation ( not to mention trying to talk over a DJ in the background, ) trying to figure out what is going on and how she can just get a nice piece of chicken and some broccoli. Another option is the good old buffet, and to be honest I just can’t get on board with that option. On the up side, it offers the most selection. Hands down. On the downside, I can’t imagine being in my wedding dress and shuffling through the line while people plop things down on my plate cafeteria style. Am I completely over-analyzing this? Probably, but that should come as no surprise.

In other wedding news, we booked our honeymoon! We knew we wanted something domestic and close enough to drive to in a day. This was largely in part because we wanted to have our car with us so that we could embark on little day trips without having to spring for a rental. Between the wedding, house, and grad school our honeymoon budget isn’t exactly of the two-weeks-in-Paris caliber, if you know what I mean. My future in-laws were kind enough to let us use a week of their timeshare so yesterday we met them for dinner and started planning where we’d like to go. Jeremy wanted someplace southern and hot. He was thinking New Orleans. I wanted somewhere northern and quaint. I was thinking New England. After looking at some of the timeshares available in New England- mostly Cape Cod region – and doing some research on the climate and “in” season of the area it became clear that it would be too chilly and too boring if we went to the Cape. The reality was that there just won’t be that many things to do during the end of April. So, we compromised. We booked a week in Myrtle Beach, SC and plan to do at least one day trip into Charleston while we’re there. We will be staying at a gorgeous villa, pictured above, which according to the blueprints we’ve seen is nearly the size of our house. And no, I’m not bragging about our honeymoon digs. I’m just letting you know how small our house is.

Anyway, it feels good to have at least one more thing accomplished. It’s amazing how much easier it was to plan an entire honeymoon than to find a decent DJ that wants to play something other than the Baja Men!



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  1. We did a buffet at our wedding because it seemed the best thing to do. However, there were servers at the wedding that served the head table so that I never had to get out of my seat and battle the dinner line in my gown.

    So, it was kind of like getting the best of both types of dinner situations.

    And, nice blog. =)

    Thanks! I like the idea of someone serving the head table. I think it seems a little awkward to be up there getting your chow all dolled up 🙂

  2. Hi there, I just came over to read your blog, after seeing your comment on NBB. So now you have 4 readers 🙂

    Also, your banner at the top is so rad. That’s pretty much how I want mine to look, but am apparently too Amish to figure out myself.

    Nice blog, and I look forward to reading more!

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