I could walk forever and never get out of here

August 7, 2007 at 2:13 am | Posted in cooking, friends, i win at life, weight loss, work | 2 Comments

Having a whole week off is going to be all kinds of sweetness, but one thing that I’ve noticed is that my schedule is completely out of whack. I’ve been staying up super late, and by super late I mean 3 or 4 am. I’m not out partying or doing anything nearly that exciting, I’ve just been watching cheesy late night movies and reading until the wee hours.  What is up with all that? I need to get myself into some sort of normal routine by this weekend, because the whole sleeping-until-noon shtick is not going to cut it come Monday when I start my coveted NEW JOB. I think there will come a time where I stop getting so excited about it that can type it out without the use of caps lock, but as it stands now it must, emphatically, be NEW JOB!

One nice thing about having this week off is that I have no excuse not to start working out again.  I really lapsed last fall because in a two week period I: moved into this house with Jeremy, started graduate school, and had my Pa pass away.  It was kind of overwhelming and really that’s no excuse, but I just didn’t have it in me to go to the gym for a couple of months. After that point I felt like it had just been too long, like I never had the time or energy to really dedicate into getting back into and so I never did.  It’s kind of like that show 24 . For the past six seasons I have really wanted to watch this damned show, but I never seem to catch the first couple of episodes. Then a few weeks will go by, and I’ll be flipping through channels and notice that it’s on, but I’ll assume I won’t have a clue what’s going on because it’s already like, 10:00 a.m. (24 time, you know) and so I’ll flip right past. As a result I have never seen a single freaking episode! The same goes for the Lord of the Rings movies. I didn’t want to see the second one since I’d never seen the first, didn’t want to see the third because I’d never seen the second, and kept telling myself I would eventually get them all through Netflix and watch in order, but that has since gone tits up since I’ve realized there are 37209809874 movies already on my Netflix queue that I want to see worse than Lord of the Rings.

Wow, this sure got off-topic quickly! What I actually wanted to talk about was the gym, and how proud of myself I am for going back and working out. A reasonable person of my body shape ( If I were a Garbage Pail Kid card, I wouldn’t be called Fatty Patty, but I would probably be called Curvy Mervy or Plump Pam) would have hit the gym immediately after getting engaged, but no. I waited six months and indulged myself in “celebratory” dinners and mojitos and now it is high time to shed my blubber and look gawjus in my yet-to-be-decided-on dress.

In other, only personally exciting news is that I got in touch with a former co-worker from a few years back that now works at the same company I will start with next week. She even works on the same floor, although her position is different. She gave me the ins and outs of the parking situation. As it turns out, most people who commute into the city park at the baseball stadium and then take a trolley that drops us right in front of the building for A QUARTER. $1.25 a week is sounding a lot better than the $100 + monthly parking fee! Plus, she lives outside of Newark, so we may even be able to carpool into the office and use that snazzy new I-95 carpool lane. When it gets finished. In like 2015.

I should wrap this up, Jeremy just got home from work and I have to finish my awesome chicken stirfry and baked veggie eggrolls. Word.



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  1. “I’ve been staying up super late, and by super late I mean 3 or 4 am.”

    What are you, 16? I am so in bed by 10 o’clock these days. Laugh at me for being an old man, but I get a full night’s sleep. lol.

  2. Hilarious. And snaps to your Mom for being both creative AND comforting. You didn’t also have a doll named Chevrolet, did you? If yes we could be looking at a strange possibility we’re distantly related. Oh Lordy. And thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog!

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