About that time my hair turned orange…

September 3, 2007 at 6:44 pm | Posted in beauty, best laid plans..., i can't believe that just happened, i win at life, luck | 4 Comments

So, as your may have been able to gather from the picture posted above, I accidentally dyed my hair orange this morning. The light in the bathroom (where I took the shot) was actually flattering – in natural light I looked even more like a piece of citrus. I should have know better than to color my hair. I usually leave that up to the professionals, and even then I only have it done once a year or so for shits and giggles. My natural hair color is actually quite pretty and has a lot of natural auburn highlights. Still, every so often I get bored and while I’m perusing the aisles of Happy Harry’s for something or other I end up walking past the boxes of hair color and one strikes my fancy and I take it home and shock Jeremy when he comes home from work. That was sort of the plan this morning, as he’ll be out until four-ish and then we’re heading over to his Dad’s place for a cookout.

The process for this particular hair color was quite complicated, because it was a base color and then highlights. Basically what it involved was:
– applying dye for base color

-waiting 25 minutes for it to set

-hopping into the shower to rinse everything out

-blow-drying my hair to get it ready for the highlights

-mixing highlight gunk and applying

-waiting 15 more minutes

-hopping back into the shower to rinse and condition

-blow-drying again to try and figure out what color my hair ended up

I am cringing just thinking about the amount of damage that I did to my hair. I try and keep my my hair really healthy. I skip blow-drying whenever possible, I spend ridiculous amounts of money at the salon for protein rinses and heat protectant styling products, I get regular trims to prevent split ends. And here I was, expecting a nice butterscotch with sandy highlights, and yet my hair clearly isn’t interested in reacting properly to the gallons of chemicals I have applied to it today.

If we weren’t expected at a cookout this evening and I didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow after the long weekend I would probably not be in such a state of panic. But, since those two things are a factor, I threw on a hat and a big pair of sunglasses and booked it over to the drugstore where I purchased the darkest hair-dye I could find. It is currently working its magic on my head and I am praying my scalp doesn’t melt and/or big tufts of hair don’t fall out. My previously pristine bathroom is a mess from all the dyes, I have not managed to get a single other thing done today, and this color will probably make me look goth. But that’s okay! I’ll just be sure to wear really bright colors for the next couple of weeks until it fades. At least I won’t be tangerine!

Okay, I think it’s time to rinse. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

EDIT: My hair is now back to normal. Crisis averted.



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  1. thank you for posting the update! i was concerned!

    I was concerned too! I swear to God, I looked like that Vitamin C chick – you know, the one who sang that annoying Graduation song when we were in high school? It was scary!

  2. Wow – your hair doesn’t even look like it was ever orange or that it went through all that it went through. It looks like it never happened. YAY! I hope you don’t get bored with the color for a while after all that. LOL. You are very pretty just the way you are!

    Awww, thanks! Yeah, I don’t think there will be any more home hair styling in my future anytime soon!

  3. I am so glad I am not a woman. All that stuff you all do, yikes!!!! I’m a man. A Manly Man according to the award I just won on my blog. Manly Men don’t dye their hair or get protein rinses. Manly Men do manly things like eating lightbulbs or putting cigerettes out on their tongues or lighting and launching bottlerockets out of their anus. Ok, Manly Men don’t do those things, idiots do, Manly Men know better then to do those things.
    If you ever do decide to eat a lightbulb, please promise to blog about it!

  4. I so feel your pain. I very very very regretfully cheated on my hairdresser once – I just needed a touch up on some highlights!- and ended up walking out of another salon a quite horribly uber bottled blond,2 days before a massive presentation at work. Fastforward 2 years to this past Christmas, when I finally chopped off the last of that mess and am back to au natural. Soooooo glad you had better luck! (I am even spluring on a trip to Toni & Guy in Munich later this month so as not to have similar fate,). Wish me luck.

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