About that time I got engaged…

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After spending most of my afternoon being a complete voyeur and reading about other people’s weddings on Weddingbee it occurred to me that I’ve never blogged here about my own engagement, despite the amount of posting I’ve done (and will continue to do, mark my words…) about my own upcoming nuptials. If you don’t know me personally, or know The Old Boy, you may not understand how absolutely perfect the engagement was. It just kind of fits our personalities to a T and I can’t imagine a more fitting story.

It was February 12th. I came home from work and The Old Boy was already home. I knew in advance that he would be home early, which is a nice surprise because he usually works until 10 at night. He had ordered sushi from our favorite place and had set the table with tea light candles and vases filled with two dozen red roses. When I asked him what the occasion was, he told me that he wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me since he would be working late on the actual day. I have to admit that this was a little fishy, because for the entirety of our relationship all that I’d ever heard was how much he hates Valentine’s Day. I’m not too big on it myself, because although I am a sucker for holidays, that particular one is kind of hokey. When I mentioned that fact to him, he replied that he did indeed detest Valentine’s Day, but since it wasn’t officially the 14th, he wasn’t breaking his cardinal rule of being a love humbug. That seemed to make sense.

Next, I was instructed not to read the card that came with the roses until after dinner, which piqued my interest to the point where I scarfed my meal down with anticipation. I am pretty sure I swallowed at least one or two California rolls without even chewing, and a piece of eel became lodged in my throat, incapacitating me for a second or two. When we finished eating and I was sure I didn’t need the Heimlich, I finally opened the card. It said, cryptically: “Look in the dryer.” So I did.

In the dryer was a valentine – you know, the old school kiddie kind with mermaids and princes on the front – instructing me to look under a specific towel in the bathroom. I took off down the hall, ran into the bathroom, and looked under the towel where I found yet another valentine telling me to look in another location in our house. This continued until I had found 60 (!!!!) hidden valentines, scavenger hunt style. These valentines were hidden on top of the kitchen ceiling fan, between specific pages of books on the bookshelf, behind Smores flavored Pop Tarts, inside boxes in closets, in between seat cushions of the sofa. There were some cards instructing me to find things that I didn’t even know we had.

The last valentine (although I didn’t know it was the last at the time) was hidden behind a picture of us taken a couple of years ago at my cousin’s wedding. This valentine didn’t lead me to another place – it said simply “Will you marry me? Circle yes, no, or maybe.” I started crying the second I saw the word “marry,” and when I turned around, The Old Boy was holding my engagement ring. I was so overcome and busy hugging and kissing Jeremy that I am pretty sure it was a couple of minutes before I even said yes, although my answer was obvious.

After basking in my joy for a few minutes I got on one phone to call everyone I knew and give them the good news, while The Old Boy was on his cell doing the exact same thing. We then drove over my Mom and Dad’s house to share the good news and show them the ring. My parents knew that the engagement was coming up, because Jeremy had talked about it with them on Christmas. They didn’t know how or when he was going to propose, and as I related the story for the first time I started crying all over again. Even now, though I’ve told the story countless times in the past seven months, I still start to tear up when I think about how much time and planning went into that evening and how adorable his face was when I turned around to see him holding the ring.

Yeah, he’s totally a keeper.



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  1. Your engagement ring is beautiful. So is your story and so is your man. I imagine that’s why you’re marrying him! 😉 Congratulations on finding a keeper! I hope you have preserved those little valentines and notes in an album or something. They will be wonderful to look back on in future years!

  2. Great story, thanks for sharing. One day I may tell my story, which is not much of a story. One day we were casually talking about getting married and I just kinda said do you? And she said Do you? (kinda like when we have sex – Do you? Do you? Oh ok) We both agreed and that was that. We went to Vegas and Got ‘er Done!

  3. I tagged you for a meme. Hope you can participate! At your leisure, of course! 😉

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