About that time it was October and I could still watch the Phillies play ball…

October 1, 2007 at 11:28 pm | Posted in autumn, baseball, guts, i win at life, luck, mad mad world, philadelphia, Phillies | 1 Comment

“Half this game is ninety per cent mental.” – Danny Ozark, former Philadelphia Phillies manager (1973-1979) In 1993, my Mom and Dad let my little brother and I stay up to watch the Phillies in the World Series. Each night we would put on our pajamas and bring our pillow and a blanket and park ourselves in front of the television. My Mom would make popcorn and we’d all pull for the home team. Usually by the fourth or fifth inning my eyelids would start to get heavy, and with the exception of one night, I was always fast asleep well before the seventh inning stretch. That one game was Game Six, where the the Phillies fell to the Blue Jays 8-6 and our dreams of being World Champions was officially over. It was devastating.

Fourteen mediocre years have passed, and although I always kept the hope alive the whole time it was obvious during many of those seasons that the Phillies didn’t have a chance to repeat their 1993 season. For the past couple years it’s been different. Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins – these guys are good, and for the first time I thought to myself that maybe we could do it. Everyone laughed when Jimmy Rollins predicted that Philadelphia was the team to beat this season, and now I can say it. For the first time since I was in the seventh grade, I can finally say it. THERE IS GOING TO BE A POSTSEASON!

I don’t think I can describe the amount of cheering that went on in my living room today between The Old Boy and I. I am practically hoarse, and I wasn’t even at the stadium. Although I never lost hope, I sure didn’t think that I’d be writing this post back in May when we saw them fall to the Blue Jays with an abysmal 13-2 score. Say what you want. Say the Mets choked. They did, that’s completely true. But it was more than that. This year’s team was the perfect combination of luck, guts, and heart. Check out this great Sports Illustrated article written before Philadelphia’s 10,000th loss. It exemplifies being a Philadelphia fan perfectly. Now if we can only do something about those Eagles…


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  1. I’m glad SOMEBODY is happy! After years of skirting the issue I finally commit to the Padres…and wow, what a tough loss. HAVE THE BEST POSTSEASON!!! GO PHILLIES! (also, not sure if this is long overdue, but very cute haircut! I’m about to splurge on a trip to Munich to do something about mine…)

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