My name is Jessica.  I live in Delaware with my fabulous fiance Jeremy and my awesome cat Gracie, both of whom like to cuddle, eat and give kisses on command. Jeremy and I began the arduous process of fixing up our pre-WWII house with a limited budget and even smaller knowledge of how to fix anything. It’s been an adventure.

I get excited by little things, I have the rarest blood type of all humankind, I was born 24 days overdue which I think entitles me to claim two different astrological signs, I think everything sounds better in French, I am a sucker for Tom Hanks movies, I’m almost halfway through my Masters program, I am addicted to Netflix, and I love to travel, read and write in any order really. I’m psyched to be getting married next April and hoping that I don’t turn into a psycho in the meantime.

In August I quit the only job I’ve had since graduating college and I’m embarking on a new career. This is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying and bound to give me plenty of blogging material.

This page was created in April 2007. It uses a basic WordPress template, because my web design skills stop at “a href=” and “img src=” If anyone can give me any tips and has some time on their hands, drop me a line.



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  1. Okay, so I am a big dork and had to look up what Basque and Black Irish are!

    I never heard of that before, very cool! I have no clue what my heritage is!

  2. Welcome to the BlogoSphere and thanks for the nice comments on my site. If you ever need help with technical shit…let me know…I’ve been known to dabble in the nerd arts from time to time…

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